Bobby is a landscape and Nature Photographer based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Born in Tipperary, Ireland, his passion for photography developed in his mid teens when he began working during the school holidays at a Fujifilm store in his local town. This experience opened his eyes to the world of photography and soon later he joined the Thurles Camera Club, where many members helped shape and develop his photographic skills.

In 2011, Bobby travelled to Australia and immediately fell in love with the place he now calls home. Through his photography, Bobby tries to capture the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis; the wonders of our world that are so frequently taken for granted.  Each photograph captured tries to evoke an emotional response through the vividness of colour, the tranquillity and the majesty of our environment. Bobby hopes that his photographs may inspire more people to be thankful for our natural world and help protect and look after our most valuable resource.

Bobby's portfolio is constantly increasing, so keep an eye on this space for up-to-date images.